Friday, February 10, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I like to consider myself a homebody.  I prefer to be home more often than I'm out and about.  That can be tricky with a two year old and an almost four year old.  I am still working on finding a balance between being home to keep the house in order and being out and about.  You have to be a parent to truly understand how much work goes into both. 

Today I decided to stay home to straighten up the house.  The weather has been so nice lately that it was tempting to take the kiddos to the zoo or the park. plan didn't really pan out.  The photo above is of my living room.  Every time I try to get something done a larger mess seems to appear.  I have to say that it's a little frightening how quickly my children can destroy a room.  You would think they could clean just as fast, but no....not so much.  It will probably take at least an hour of "guided clean up" time.  I will have to point out each and every item that needs to be picked up, and remind them of where it belongs.  About half way through I will realize that somehow I am cleaning and they are not.  It will take everything in me to stop and get them back on track.  They might be in the mood to clean (a girl can hope right?).  They might sing the "clean up song" and make a game out of who can clean up the most toys.  The more likely scenario involves a lot of tears and a time-out or two.

I will now attempt to put my house back in order.  Hopefully with two willing assistants.  Wish me luck!y

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