Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Super Mom

I think I first suspected that moms had super powers when I was just a kid. My mom was always right (don’t tell her I admitted to that), and I knew there had to be some reason she had all of the answers. How did she know where my toy was before I even knew it was lost? How did she know when I’d needed to wear a sweater? I never actually SAW any eyes on the back of her head, but I know she could see what we were doing even when she had her back to us.
I’ve been a mom for almost two and a half years and have two children of my own. You’d think I would have figured out by now that mom’s really do have super powers. How have I gone this long without realizing I’m a super hero? Well….my standard excuse for everything these days is sleep deprivation…so we’ll go with that ;)

I’m still discovering my super powers. Sure I can kiss away owies and boo boo’s. I have the ability to find favorite toys before my two year old goes from zero to tantrum in sixty seconds. I can leap small toys (and small dogs…and small children) in a single bound. I can move as quietly as a ninja to avoid waking a sleeping baby. I have the super human speed needed to stop a toddler from falling off of a chair…or couch...or play structure….or whatever it is that he’s climbing on at the moment ;) I can sense when a baby is about to spit up. I can be up all night with a teething baby and still function the next day.  I can carry a baby in my arms and pick things up off of the floor with my feet...I mean, come on people....that has "super power" written all over it!

So if you’re a mom feel free to wear a cape and/or spandex the next time you leave the house. You are a super hero, after all. You can function on little or no sleep. No sickness or injury can stop you from performing your motherly duties. You can hear a baby crying in the middle of the night before the baby even starts to cry! You brought a life into the world, and that should be more than enough to give you super hero status.