Friday, June 3, 2011

Didn't Get the Memo

Apparently my children didn't get the memo about our four year wedding anniversary yesterday.  I tried to explain it to our three year old son, but made the mistake of comparing an anniversary to a all day long her was singing "Happy Birthday" to Daddy...and I am pretty sure he was expecting a cake and candles at some point. 

The day started out pleasantly enough.  It took us forever to get everyone dressed and ready to go (so nothing new), but we made it out of the house eventually.  First we went to Target to pick up diapers and light bulbs....because nothing says "romance" like diapers and light bulbs.  There was a little bit of crying before we made it out of the store, but not the super embarrassing tantrum kind.  Our next stop was the pet store (a.k.a. the mini-zoo).  The kiddos got to see all kinds of little creatures AND we replaced the dearly departed Mr. Fish (our Beta fish died recently) with two gold fish.  It took a while to convince out three year old that we should pick two new names instead of calling both of the new fish Mr. Fish.  I even suggested Mr. & Mrs. Fish, but apparently he is SURE that both fish are boys (and I got the distinct impression that he thought I was an idiot for not knowing that).  While we were in the pet store I called in a to-go order to a nearby restaurant.  We picked our food up on our way home, and had a nice lunch with the kids. 

Here's where it all went down hill...I had it in my head that my husband and I would get to spend some quiet time alone while our little angels took a nap.  Well, my little angels had other plans.  Our son decided he wanted to play the "back to bed game" for a few hours instead of actually staying in bed and sleeping.  Eventually his antics woke our daughter up.  The rest of the afternoon they were both pretty cranky....and so were my husband and I ;)

No biggie right?  There's always bed time....which didn't go very well either.  My 18 month old daughter (who normally sleeps through the night) kept waking up screaming :(  The only thing that seemed to comfort her was if I held her while standing up...not sitting, not leaning, and certainly not while laying down.  Did I mention she weighs about 25 pounds?  Long story short...I ended up spending the night of my anniversary sleeping on the floor in my children's bedroom...not exactly the night I had in mind.

I think the lesson here is that it's never a good idea to have a plan in your head that involves your children sleeping when they are supposed to ;)

I should add that my Mother will be babysitting this weekend so that my husband and I can go out to dinner.  Soooo the anniversary romance will happen eventually.